Submission Guidelines

EMCI makes grants ranging from $1,000-$3,000 in the following areas:

  • Conservation & Science
  • History & Culture

Proposals should be submitted electronically to: [email protected]  The deadline each year is January 15.  Proposals received after that date cannot be considered.  EMCI reviews proposals and makes its decisions in mid- or late February.

For conservation and science proposals:

  • Define the problem and provide a statement of a solution that would address the problem.
  • Outline the actions planned by the applicant organization.
  • State how the applicant organization would work with other involved entities.
  • State the applicant organization’s accomplishments, the qualifications of staff working on the project, and how research results will be disseminated to the relevant audience.
  • Provide a complete project budget.

For historical and cultural proposals:

  • Define the need and provide a detailed plan for what must be accomplished.
  • Discuss how the applicant will ensure support from other entities interested in the subject.
  • Describe the accomplishments of the applicant organization, the nature and quality of public support for the effort, and the anticipated effect of the project when completed.
  • For documentary films or publication of relevant materials, discuss in detail the dissemination plan and educational impact.
  • Provide a complete budget.